Global Agenda

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Global Agenda

Postby Omar007 » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:19 pm

I maybe plan to buy Global Agenda through steam. ATM it is €40,49 but you can also buy a 4-pack of €121,47 which means its only €30,- p/p

Now i was thinking if i can just get 4 people who want it, we can save €10,- each :o

Current people:
  • Me
  • Bart (Classmate)
  • EMTPY (Maybe my brother)

So if you are interested in buying it to maybe you would like to join us and get it cheaper :P
First ones to reply here are the first ones to get a spot in the list. I'll confirm on my brother later

  • Personal handing of money or send to PayPal possibility
  • Steam account

Be aware it still isnt sure whether we'll buy it, but the chance is pretty big so just reply ;)

A problem that may occur for some of you would be trust; whether i keep my word on giving it etc.
I can tell you i WILL give you the game after you payed but i think you wont believe me straight away (why would it else be a problem?) but only if someone else confirms this (which is a good way of looking at this type of posts imo)

EDIT: Oh and if someone i know personally happens to want it, i'll take them in even if someone else posted here earlier; Handing over money and game can be done without things like 'Send game first then i'll pay' or vice versa :V
They'll be standing next to me buying it :P

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Re: Global Agenda

Postby Silver Wolf » Fri Jan 15, 2010 12:55 pm

I'm Bart (the Classmate)

I want to confirm the plan, and ask if anyone is interested

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